We all get a little broken every now and then.  For me, broken looked like cancer, and then it looked like divorce, and I thought “what the heck is the matter with me?!” as I tried to get myself together.  I can’t tell you that I’m exactly together, but I can tell you that I think that Rumi had it right, that the wound is the place where the light enters.  In my broken places, sometimes I find the answers I’m looking for.  Sometimes, of course, I just find broken garbage….but maybe if I keep looking, there’s light in there somewhere too.

Our world often seems broken to me, and deeply wounded.  I think that even a wounded world has light in it, and that there are silver linings.  America’s 45th President is a man who frightens me with his rhetoric, but I see some glimmers of light there, too, in the way he has inspired people to step up for what is right, whether that is for freedom of the press, or donations to important causes such as the environment or women’s rights or civil liberties.  Through his angry words, he has inspired acts of kindness and solidarity, and while I’d prefer the response without the frightening vitriol that inspired that response, I will take healing where I can find it.

This blog is about me chasing down the light, peering into the broken places of the world and of my life, seeing what I can discover.  Anne Frank, one of my heroes, said “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart” and I believe her.  Mostly.  I’m working on it!

I’m a 40-something woman.  I love reading and writing, hiking and backpacking, skiing and camping, beach combing, strong dark coffee, quiet mornings, and friends who love me as I really am.  Most of all, I love my teenage daughter, who will undoubtedly surpass me in every way (but drives me crazy anyway, in the way that teenage daughters do; she assures me that this feeling is mutual and I think that’s okay).  I am feminist, a lefty-liberal, an optimist.  I’ve been single (divorced) for a few years and I kinda like it, but I do still dream of finding that one great relationship.  I live with my daughter, our kind and gentle big black dog and our small and un-gentle black cat, in a quirky old house in Seattle.

Thank you for joining me!

Note: all photos are taken by me, usually very quickly, on my iPhone 6.  No filters, no fancy schmancy stuff, just “click” and occasional cropping.  The cover photo was taken on one of my trips down to the local beach where I try to spend a few minutes daily to take in nature. Photo credit is given when I use a photo I didn’t take.